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Breast Prosthesis

At MMS, we recognize that each individual has very special needs and desires. We have a passion for providing the newest, most innovative mastectomy products available. We provide both pre-made silicone breast forms and custom-made breast prostheses. 

Silicone Breast Forms

Our natural soft, silicone breast forms are made to look and feel like a real breast. A certified fitter will assist you in achieving the best look and feel that you deserve.













Foam Breast Forms

Foam breast forms may be worn after a mastectomy for comfort and appearance if silicone is uncomfortable or too heavy.

Custom Breast Prosthesis


Our custom breast prostheses offers innovative new materials and countless skin tone and appearance combinations designed for you, by you.

  • Custom-made using 3D scanning technology or body casting.
  • Mirrors the shape and size of the intact breast to ensure symmetry.
  • No need for a mastectomy bra.
  • Water-proof materials eliminate the need for a special swim form
  • Adhesive disc and magnet technology ensures the prosthesis is attached comfortably to the chest wall.

This unique duplicate of your existing breast will have you feeling the best you can be.

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