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Now Offering Restiffic

MMS is your authorized Las Vegas retailer for Restiffic—a revolutionary drug-free therapy for Restless Leg Syndrome. Click here to download a prescription for your your physician today!

Benefits of Restiffic:

  • Drug-free treatment providing lower risk of negative side effects and zero risk of addiction

  • Creates a comfortable soothing effect which allows you to relax and enjoy uninterrupted sleep

  • Clinically proven and cleared by the FDA

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Medical compression stockings have repeatedly been proven to be the most effective, most affordable, and least invasive way to treat vein problems. MMS is one of Nevada's leading compression stocking suppliers.

MMS provides the CircAid® garments and Bio Compression® pumps that are both convenient and easy to use for Lymphedema and other venous disorders.

Arm sleeves and gauntlets can help speed the recovery of various surgical procedures by increasing blood flow. 


The improved circulation that sports compression garments provide enable athletes to have more energy and stamina.

Travel stockings are the primary way to prevent deep vein thrombosis and leg swelling while traveling.


MMS wants to ensure you achieve the maximum benefit from compression therapy with ease by providing application aids, gloves, adhesives, and more.

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