Application Aids & Accessories​

MMS wants to help you achieve the maximum benefit from compression therapy with ease by providing application aids, gloves, adhesives, and more.

Butler Application Aid

The butler application aid is a simple step-in device for easy, correct application of compression stockings.

Butler Off

Extremely comfortable and easy to use, mediven® butler off provides easier removal of stockings and may also be used as an extended-handle shoehorn.

Application Gloves

Textured palms and finger pads provide added application assistance and protect stockings from jewelry and fingernails. Receive a free pair with your first compression garment order!

Washing Detergent

Extend the life of your compression therapy products by using medi care® wash every day. Medi care's® pure, organic, and biodegradable solution thoroughly removes the daily accumulation of perspiration and body oils from compression garments, helping to maintain their prescribed pressure.

"It Stays" Adhesive 

Holds knee-high and thigh-high stockings in place, securely and comfortably. In an easy-to-use roll-on form, the adhesive is odorless, hypo-allergenic, and easy to wash off.

Comfort Gel

Mediven® comfort gel gently cools and comforts your skin while you wear compression stockings. Simply smooth on your legs and rub into the affected area every morning before applying stockings.